Boss Finder is a system by which players can be randomly sorted together into groups of 4 with other players wishing to complete the same group missions.

Generally, a group mission will appear in the listings when a player is within 3 levels of a boss, or group of Bosses. 3 levels is required, because beyond that, the player is unable to acquire XP or any loot from those enemies. At the time of this writing, the Boss Finder system doesn't try to form optimized groups. It merely get's players together, regardless of character class, which may create problems in terms of ensuring a well-balanced group.

If a player leaves a group formed through boss finder, the leader of the group will see a button available below the list of existing group members which says "Find Players" which will re-activate Boss Finder to try and fill-in the open player slots. This sometimes means that upon joining Boss Finder, you may end-up joining a group that has progressed through the boss encounter areas. In some instances where there are multiple boss, or mini-boss areas, you may be required to ask what section the group is working on, to get you there quicker, instead of taking a wrong-turn to get there.

As with any group structure, you will automatically be joined in "Group chat" with your group members unless you have that option turned-off in your Chat settings.

For more information on Groups, please see the Strategies page.

Boss Finder - Level 30Edit

These are the missions available to level 30 players.


Location: Dawnbreak Square

Akirun (Easy)Edit

Location: East Canal

Power Plant (Medium)Edit

Location: Power Plant West

Dr.Bauhoff (Medium)Edit

Location: New Naples Street

Seven Deadly Sins (Hard)Edit

Location: New Venice Square

Queen of Diamonds (Hard)Edit

Location: Venice Canal East

Riot Town (Hard)Edit

Location: New Peking Street

Red Hot (Easy)Edit

Location: Lovens Park West

The Slavemaster (Hard)Edit

Location: Desert Storm

Raider Valley (Hard)Edit

Location: Lemon Desert

Devourer Dragon (Hard)Edit

Location: Power Drive

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