Boss Abilities:Edit

  • Cleave: melee AOE on highest aggro target.
  • Secondary cleave: melee AOE on first player sighted.

Suggested Group Build:Edit

  • 1x Bodyguard, 2x Hunter, 1x Doctor.
  • 1x Bodyguard, 1x Hunter, 2x Doctor.

The first is preferred, as it offers a higher damage-per-second (DPS) group. With a higher DPS, the fight will finish quicker, which is always preferred when attainable. The healing in this fight required is not too heavy, given that the bodyguard is at least satisfactorily geared. If needed, form the two doctor group.


  1. Lure and clear all trash mobs leading to Wrath.
  2. The hunter with the highest armor runs in to aggro boss, without attacking or casting any skills, and stands at the bottom left corner of Wrath's room.
  3. The bodyguard taunts and attacks Wrath. Once securing aggro, move to the top left corner of Wrath's room.
  4. Original hunter and the bodyguard stay at their own corners, the hunter may have to move a little to get in range.
  5. The other two players stand in the center of Wrath's room and attack.

Wrath's secondary cleave is reserved for the first enemy he sees. Aside from the bodyguard, the hunter should have the highest armor, which is why the group should elect him/her to be the sponge for this skill. By keeping the bodyguard and the said hunter separated at max range, Wrath's movement time will be maximized. In other words, the time Wrath spends attacking will be minimized.

When Wrath moves to attack the hunter, the bodyguard should stay in his own corner, switching to his range weapon. When Wrath returns, the bodyguard should return to using his melee.

The doctor should heal as necessary, and the hunters should spike as necessary.

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