This was once the very heart of Dawnbreak. As neighborhoods began uprising against Labycore and it's iron-fist policies, and zombie-like infections were noted in some of the beach and fishing areas, much of the streets have been taken over by the Resistance. Various local gangs have also made their presence known in some areas.

Meanwhile, Labycore continues to attempt it's questionable experiments and research, under heavier guard, while actively promoting unrest through shady arms deals with the general public, and the local gangs fight to stay ahead in the arms race.


  • Pirate Bay (6) (Meeting Area) (PVP Area)
  • Troll's Lair (7) (Danger Area)
  • Storehouse (6)
  • Anchorage (6)
  • Car Park (6)
  • Shelly Beach (6)
  • Weed Patch (6) (Danger Area)
  • Eureka Research (7)
  • Dreamlab (7)
  • Loading Bay (7)
  • Container Yard (7)
  • Muck Beach (7)
  • Import Area (8) (Danger Area)
  • Internment (8)
  • Drydock (9)
  • Magazine (9)
  • Soggy Bottom (9)
  • Paradise Bridge (10)


  • Harbor Island contains the boat ferry to the Surrounding Islands, so this is where you'll find the Island Daily missions.

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