A former resort area, Paradise Island is now a desert overrun by Raiders and Mutants, with a significant ant problem in some areas.

This section of Dawnbreak was apparently a source for utility service for the other areas. Power systems and drinking water systems were developed here to service all of Dawnsbreak. Over time, Labycore has enlisted the aid of Raiders and Mercenaries (Hired Guns) to maintain a strict control over these basic supplies.


  • Desert Highway (10)
  • Oasis Health Station (10) (Meeting Area)
  • The Pit (10) (PVP Area)
  • Paradise Power (11)
  • Desert Storm (12) (Danger Area)
  • Camping Grounds (11)
  • Evolution Gate (12)
  • Toxic Wasteland (13) (Danger Area)
  • Messina Desert (12)
  • Holiday Resort (12)
  • Seawater Intake (13)
  • Lemon Desert (13) (Danger Area)
  • Rio Desert (14)
  • Fresh Water Reservoir (14)
  • Water Purification Facility (14)
  • Blackbeard's Base (14) (Danger Area)
  • Steel Island Bridge (14)
  • Deserted Village (30)(Danger Area)

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