• Pa3ck

    banned for reason

    September 18, 2012 by Pa3ck

    hi everyone,

    Yesterday, I joined maniac mansion under boss finder. Eventually, 3 of the members of our group left and I was remained alone. To my surprise, I am seeing some groups getting in to the same map where I am at. What I did was I looked for a team in Global asking anyone to join my group to do maniac mansion. I posted "Anyone who wants to join mansion? I believe there were 3 teams already and I got no one from my group" After a while, I cannot chat anymore nor join boss finder at all. I wasn't even given a warning by anyone about this. What the heck is this? I've been patronizing your games for almost 7 months now and been a clean player eversince. Please help me on this issue and if possible if any of your Moderators will imply a …

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