• Slowsoul2

    it sucks completely and if you are chat banned why cant you join the boossfinder THATS BS!!!! i mean i get not being able to taalk but their are alot of boss runs i would like to do and i ogt blocked by migraine i have been blocked before even then i couldnt use bossfinder!!! so admins if i could get some help i have been stuck this way for 2 days i wopuld like to get unbanned please so i could do my runs and so i can hang out with my friends migraine didnt happen to mention for how long it was but i know i have chat banned over the weekend and not being able to run bosses is making me mad so if you could get back to me soooner then later wi oudl be grateful !!!!!!!!!!! please and thank you my name is chaz a39... please unblock me:((((((((…

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